Dominique, Joly

CNRS Research Director (PhD, habilitation)
Sexual selection, reproductive strategies

Phone: 33 1 69 15 49 89
Fax: 33 1 69 82 37 36

Research Topics
Four thematic axes were developed these last years:

1- The first axe is centered on the study of the sexual postcopulatoire selection and the adaptations which influence the descendants’ paternity. The originality of my contribution is to document the diversity of these adaptations and to analyze the role of the sexual conflict in the evolution of the characters, discriminating between the male effects and the effects females from a point of view behavioral, morphological, biochemical and genetic. The accent was put these last years on the effect of the seminal fluid on the reproductive strategies of females.
Coll Claude Wicker-Thomas, Béatrice Denis, Gaëlle Claisse, financing ANR and FRB.

2- The second axe concerns the analysis of the expression genic changes  as source of phenotypic variations intra- and interspecific. The use of broadband analysis tools  of the transcriptome allows to quantify these changes on the scale of the genome. We try to determine how the deregulated genes position in the networks of genic regulation and if these ways are specific or not of various studied models.
Coll Catherine Montchamp-Moreau, David Ogereau and François Wurmser’s thesis, financing by CNRS-INEE, ANR and IDEEV.

3-The third axe concerns the study of the social learning  as generator of biodiversity. The behavior modifications are possible during the life of the individuals by the observation or the interaction with other individuals. We try to understand the relations enter social and individual learning, determine the genetic bases of the social learning, study the dynamics of this learning in the time and in the space, and characterize the stability of these interactions during the generations.
Coll F. Mery, and mister . Battesti’s thesis, financing by ERC, ANR.

4- Finally the fourth axe, more recent, sends the questions of natural pesticides impact on the reproduction and the sexual selection at non-target individuals. This approach was rarely approached on the literature and demonstrates the potentially important effects on the survival of wild populations.

Mots-clés: Evolution des stratégies de reproduction, sélection sexuelle, compétition spermatique, choix cryptique, stress environnementaux (température, pesticides), génomique et protéomique,

Keywords: Evolution of reproduction strategies, sexual selection, spermatic competition, cryptic choice, environmental stress’ (temperature, pesticides), genomics and protéomique,


Deputy director Scientist Ecology and Environment CNRS INEE institute

Coordinator GDR3692 Environmental Genomics
Coordinator GDR2057 Epigenetic in ecology and evolution

Mobile phone: 33 6 78 13 71 71
Phone: 33 1 44 96 40 53
Fax: 33 1 44 96 45 11


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