IDEEV Seminars  at 12 h Friday unless otherwise stated

* Vendredi 12 avril 

11h “Potential of chimeric membrane lipid formation by Marine Group II archaea: Implication for the “lipid divide” dogma”

Chualun Zhang, Southern University of Science and Technology,Shenzhen, China

12h “Evolution of the exposed polysaccharide gene clusters in the Pelagibacterales – Did John Maynard-Smith get it right for prokaryotes?”

Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, 

Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain


* Jeudi 16 mai 12h

“Co-evolutionary histories between microsporidia parasites and freshwater crustacean amphipods”

Thierry Rigaud, UMR Biogéosciences, Dijon


* Vendredi 17 mai 12h

François Mallard, IBENS – ENS, Paris


* Vendredi 24 mai 12h

“Using digital data to understand and monitor emerging wildlife markets”

Jérôme Gippet, University of Lausanne, Switzerland


* Vendredi 31 mai 12h

Chiara Santamarina, UNIVPM, Ancona, Italy


* Vendredi 7 juin 12h

Nicolas Rode, CBGP, Montpellier


* Vendredi 14 juin 12h

“Convergences et divergences entre espèces en sympatrie: la cas des papillons Morpho”

Vincent Debat, MNHN, Paris


* Vendredi 21 juin 12h

Michael Rera (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris)


* Vendredi 28 juin 12h

Sarah Crowley, University of Exeter, UK















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