Oncoming seminars (at the EGCE library or in another IDEEV conference room):

Seminars IDEEV at 12 am every Friday allowing exception

*Tuesday October 17th at 11:00 R. Franklin

“On the Origin of Genetic Variation: Exploring Intraspecific Mutation Dynamics to Understand the Evolution of an Evolutionary Force” Dr. Sarah Schaack, Reed College, Portland

*Tuesday October 17th at 16:30 R. Franklin

“Efficient breeding of resilient crops using doubled haploid technology”
Dr. Thomas Lübberstedt, Iowa State University

* Vendredi 20 octobre 12h

“Quantifying selection for recombination in finite populations”

Denis Roze, EBEA, Station biologique de Roscoff, France

* Vendredi 27 octobre 12h

“What is a Data Management Plan (DMP) and how it will change your life” (very important for post-docs and docs)

Mohamed DIALO et collègue de la DiBiSO (Direction des Bibliothèques de l’Information et de la Science Ouverte. 

* Vendredi 3 novembre 12h

*Tuesday November 7th at 12:00 R. Franklin

SPS/IDEEV hybrid seminar

Marija Vidovic, Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering,  Belgrade, Serbia

* Vendredi 10 novembre 12h

* Vendredi 17 novembre 12h

“Limits to synthesising evidence in ecology” (online)

Rose O’Dea, SORTEE & University of Melbourne, Australia

* Vendredi 24 novembre 12h

“Transposable elements control and anti-viral immunity”

Marie Fablet, LBBE, Université Lyon 1

* Vendredi 1er decembre 12h

Plant-insect interactions in biological regulations in arable crops

Foteini Paschalidou, UMR Agronomie, INRAE Versailles-Grignon 

* Vendredi 1er mars 12h

DrosoRica, or the art of explaining Science

Frédéric Tournier


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