Jean-Luc Da Lage

Member of the Genome Team
Researcher CNRS
PhD student Paris VII University  (1990), HDR (2003)

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Research topics

Molecular evolution of alpha-amylase genes and proteins in Metazoa. Functional evolution and adaptation; gene duplications and multigene families; intron evolution; horizontal or lateral gene transfer.

Alpha-amylase is a major enzyme of nutrition metabolism. It hydrolyses starch and other carbohydrates such as glycogene in smaller sugars (maltose). Amylase is present throughout the living world, Bacteria, Archae, Plants, Fungi, Animals.

In many organisms, it has been shown that the coding gene for alpha-amylase, Amy, exists in several copies. The duplications may have occurred independently even in closely related lineages. We aim at understanding the evolutionary significance of this tendency to get multiple Amy genes, with regard to the function of the enzyme, and the gene divergences in sequence and expression patterns.

Some species are suitable models in this study. This is the case of Drosophila ananassae from which seven genes were cloned, more or less related to each others. They were localized on several chromosomal arms and show different expression patterns. In addition, the intron-exon structure may be different not only between species but also among the copies of a single species. This lead us to investigate more carefully the evolutionary history of the Amy gene structure in Animals, and more generally use it as a case study of the dynamics of introns.

We are also interested in the evolution of the alpha-amylase protein itself. We have sought recurrent natural variations in the animal kingdom, which may be indicative of adaptation at the molecular level, and what do these adaptations consist in. After detection of several such motifs of interest, we aim at studying more functionally the observed variations by enzymatic engineering, by in vitro production of a control amylase, and several mutants harboring the recurrent variations observed in nature.


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