Jean-Bernard Emond

JB Emond

CNRS engineer – CSSI for the EGCE Laboratory, CSSI for IDEEV.
Systems and network administrator (computer resources and information systems). Electronics engineer.
Head of IT department, head of prototyping department, member of the Evolution and Genomes division.

Phone. 33 1 69 15 49 79


Operation and management of the laboratory’s IT resources, including maintenance and development of the computer equipment, as well as hardware and software prototyping.


  • Computing

Install, upgrade, and evolve operating systems on machines. Administer and maintain the laboratory’s IT and network services, including web services, databases, LDAP, email, webmail, file servers (NAS, CIFS, XFS, EXT4, NFS, CEPH), print servers, DNS, DHCP, etc. Manage the administration of servers and computing clusters (x86 and GPU), as well as storage systems. Optimize the use of computer systems, establish rules and procedures related to their use, and ensure their reliability and security on a daily basis (backups, maintenance, etc.). Stay updated with technological advancements, develop and maintain specific applications, provide advice and user support, and handle orders and negotiations with suppliers.

  • Prototyping

Development of various devices for laboratory teams.


Mastery of Unix operating systems, including Linux, Solaris, Irix, and OS/X, as well as various versions of Windows, from XP to 10. Proficiency in managing heterogeneous environments, encompassing PCs, Macintosh, and workstations. Experience in administering Linux, OS/X, and Windows servers, including virtualized servers, and printer management. In-depth knowledge of system and network architecture concepts and techniques, as well as diverse hardware and software architectures. Familiarity with administration, audit, and analysis tools, including monitoring tools. Responsible for maintaining and updating computer systems, including user support and troubleshooting. Proficiency in programming languages, including C, C++, Pascal, Ada, F90, and assembly languages, as well as scripting languages like bash, Perl, and Python. Competence in web languages, including PHP and HTML, as well as SQL databases.

Custom design of electronic and software developments, including the creation of prototypes tailored to the specific needs of teams. Extensive expertise, ranging from electronic schematic design to PCB development, as well as modeling and 3D printing. Experience in designing various CPU architectures, such as 68K, x86, ARM, AVR, Z80, 680x, and managing associated peripherals.


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CCD Astro

EMOND, Jean-Bernard 1997 Inventaire des caméras à DTC (CCD) disponibles en France. L’Astronomie Volume 111 LIEN

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