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Research themes

Genomics – Amphibians – Evolution – Transposon – Xenopus – Bioinformatics – Development


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  1. Gut microbial ecology of Xenopus tadpoles across life stages. Scalvenzi, T., Clavereau, I., Bourge, M. and Pollet, N. (2021) bioRxiv, 2020.05.25.110734, ver. 4 peer reviewed and recommended by Peer community in Genomics.
  2. Transcriptomic analysis of the trade-off between endurance and burst-performance in the frog Xenopus allofraseri. Ducret, V., Richards, A.J., Videlier, M., Scalvenzi, T., Moore, K.A., Paszkiewicz, K., Bonneaud, C., Pollet, N. and Herrel, A. (2021) BMC Genomics  22(1):204. doi: 10.1186/s12864-021-07517-1.
  3. Draft nuclear genome and complete mitogenome of the Mediterranean corn borer, Sesamia nonagrioides, a major pest of maize. Muller, H., Ogereau, D., Da-Lage, J.L., Capdevielle, C., Pollet, N., Fortuna, T., Jeannette, R., Kaiser, L. and Gilbert, C. (2021) doi: 10.1093/g3journal/jkab155 G3 (Bethesda).  11(7):jkab155.


  1. A new method for long-read sequencing of animal mitochondrial genomes: application to the identification of equine mitochondrial DNA variants. Dhorne-Pollet, S., Barrey, E. and Pollet, N. (2020) BMC Genomics 21(1):785. doi: 10.1186/s12864-020-07183-9.
  2. Evolutionary Dynamics of the Repetitive DNA in the Karyotypes of Pipa carvalhoi and Xenopus tropicalis (Anura, Pipidae). (2020) Zattera ML, Gazolla CB, Soares AA, Gazoni T, Pollet N, Recco-Pimentel SM, Bruschi DP. Front Genet.  11:637. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2020.00637. eCollection 2020.
  3. Ancient Adaptive Lateral Gene Transfers in the Symbiotic Opalina-Blastocystis Stramenopile Lineage. (2020) Yubuki N, Galindo LJ, Reboul G, López-García P, Brown MW, Pollet N, Moreira D. Mol Biol Evol.  37(3):651-659. doi: 10.1093/molbev/msz250.


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  2. Maharana, S. K., N. Pollet & G. Schlosser (2017) Identification of novel cis-regulatory elements of Eya1 in Xenopus laevis using BAC recombineering. Scientific Reports, 7, 11. 10.1038/s41598-017-15153-7.
  3. Spirhanzlova, P., S. Dhorne-Pollet, J. S. Fellah, C. Da Silva, T. Tlapakova, K. Labadie, J. Weissenbach, J. Poulain, T. Jaffredo, P. Wincker, V. Krylov & N. Pollet (2017) Construction and characterization of a BAC library for functional genomics in Xenopus tropicalis. Developmental Biology, 426, 255-260. 10.1016/j.ydbio.2016.05.015.


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