Florence, Mougel

PhD, 1997

Tel. 33 1 69 15 64 93
Mail. florence.mougel-imbert@universite-paris-saclay.fr


My present research focuses on mechanisms of adaptation an dis based on two biological models:

  • Parasitoid insects belonging to the Cotesia genus for which I study the components of reproductive success, in particular the ones related to host adaptation
  • hematophagous bugs vector of the Chagas disease belonging the genus Triatoma and Rhodnius for which I’m interested in adaptation to anthropic environment.

I develop genetic tools (mapping based on neutral markers, identification of QTL), genomics (assembly and identification of interesting genes) and transcriptomics (differential expression analysis).



  • Diversity and Evolution of living organisms
  • Biological cycle and development
  • Genetics
  • Statistics

Development of interactive exercises:


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