Didier Casane


Professeur à l’Université Paris Cité

Room 1234

1397745702_aiga_telephone +33 (0)1 69 15 49 69
1397745633_aiga_mail didier.casane[@]universite-paris-saclay.fr


Molecular and functional evolution of gene families

Study of the transcription factors Hox, ParaHox, evx et dlx.

Evolutionary developmental biology

Serial homology and dissociation of regulatory networks.
Evolution of odontogenesis et osteogenesis in vertebrates.

Phylogeny and population genetics

Population genomics of the cavefish Astyanax mexicanus.
Phylogeography of the species of the genus Lucifuga.
Phylogeography of the species of the genus Gambusia.
Population genetics of coral reef fishes around Cuba.

Bibliometry and research network

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Preprints in BioRxiv and Research Square

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Book chapters

iconePdf4 – Ulmo-Dı́az G., Castellanos Gell J., Casane D., Sturm A., Voss J. and Garcı́a-Machado E. (2023) Population Genetics of Cuba’s Scleractinian Corals. In: Coral Reefs of World, Vol. 18, Vassil N. Zlatarski et al. (Eds): Coral Reefs of Cuba.
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Popular science

iconePdf9 – Sallard E., Halloy J., Casane D., van Helden J. and Decroly E. (2020) Retrouver les origines du SARS-COV-2 dans les phylogénies de coronavirus. Médecine/Sciences 36(8-9):783-796
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