Véronique Borday-Birraux

Member of RESGEN
Docteur ès sciences, 1997, Université Paris-Sud (Paris 11)
Maître de conférences, 1998, Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)

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Evolution des patrons d’expression de facteurs de transcription chez les vertébrés : exemple des familles dlx et evx ; Evolution des mécanismes moléculaires impliqués dans le développement des dents des vertébrés : étude chez le poisson-zèbre, le médaka et la petite roussette (scyliorhinus canicula).


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iconePdfEnault S., Muñoz D.N., Silva W.T.A.F., Borday-Birraux V., Bonade M., Oulion S, Ventéo S., Marcellini S., Debiais-Thibaud M. (2015) Molecular footprinting of skeletal tissues in the catshark Scyliorhinus canicula and the clawed frog Xenopus tropicalis identifies conserved and derived features of vertebrate calcification. Front. Genet. 6:283

iconePdfGibert Y., Samarut E., Pasco-Viel E., Bernard L., Borday-Birraux V., Sadier A., Labbé C., Viriot L. and Laudet V. (2015) Altered retinoic acid signalling underpins dentition evolution. Proc. R. Soc. B 282 20142764

iconePdfDebiais-Thibaud M., Metcalfe C.J., Pollack J., Germon I., Ekker M., Depew M., Laurenti P., Borday-Birraux V. and Casane D. (2013) Heterogeneous conservation of Dlx paralog co-expression in jawed vertebrates. PLoS ONE 8(6):e68182

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Verreijdt L., Debiais-Thibaud M., Borday-Birraux V., Van Der Heyden C, Sire J.-Y. and Huysseune A. (2006) Expression of the dlx gene family during formation of the cranial bones in the zebrafish (Danio rerio): differential involvement in the visceral skeleton and braincase Developmental dynamics 235(5): 1371-1389

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Geraudie J. and Borday-Birraux V. (2003) Posterior hoxa genes expression during zebrafish bony fin ray development and regeneration suggests their involvement in scleroblast differentiation. Development Genes and Evolution 213(4): 182-186

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